I have a new agency called BIG DRUM. Check it out.

I have over a decade of professional web development experience – currently I am accepting new clients as well as project management gigs. Need some help on your next project? Lets talk – jesse@jessehall.com

I fell in love with computers at age 16 – programming Dungeons and Dragons scenarios in Q-BASIC for Mac and recreating the Sgt. Pepper’s album cover in Mac Paint. Fast forward to 2002, while still in college, I was the technical director and graphic designer of several Rockport published computer graphics and web design books.

In years that followed, I worked as a junior/senior programmer, as well as a graphic designer (winning a national award for for web design). I’ve worked on large scale projects for companies such as AT&T, PC World, SAS, Toshiba, Costco, Intel, Adobe, and Sony.

I love designing and developing websites and applications that exceed client expectation. My current passion is React.js and WordPress.

On the weekends, I play in art-punk bands and enjoy boat rides with my wife and two kids.